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Serving the interests of Independent Rallying Clubs since 1985.


There are over 200 member clubs in ACCEO

Some of our member Clubs have their own website which is shown by the underlined link on the club name listed below. Quick information  about a club, if available, can be seen on the ‘Quick Info’ link next to the club entry, as can their rally season and whether they have an open membership in the next two columns. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTIES VIEWING THESE TRY USING ‘COMPATIBILITY’ MODE ON YOUR BROWSER.

Search aid - note that ‘the’ as a first word if in a club name is ignored here.



                                                                     Club Name          Information   Rallying                Open?

007 Caravan and Camping Club      

2000 Caravan club Cymru                                                        

77 Caravan Club                                                                         Quick Info                                      Yes

A.A.O.C.C                                                                                   Quick Info     All year                     Yes

Abbey Caravan Club                                                                  Quick Info                                      Yes

ABI and Friends Caravan Club

Acorn Caravan Club

Adria Owner’s Club

All Seasons Caravan Club (The Doves)

All Year Round Caravan Club

Amateur Radio Caravan & Camping Club

Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC)

Astral Owners' Club

Auto Camping Club - East Midlands                                           Quick Info      Mar-Dec E.Mids

Auto Camping Club - Essex

Auto Camping Club - Rawreth

Auto Trail Owners' Club

Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club                                                        Quick Info      

Avondale Caravan Club                                                             Quick Info      National                   Yes

Avoncroft Caravan Club                                                             Quick Info      W.Mids                    Yes

Back to Basics Camping Club

Bailey Owners Club

Bambi Owners' Club  

Benimar Owners' Club

Bessacarr Owners' Club                                                            Quick Info      UK & Eur                Yes

Bridge  Club (2014)

Bristol and District Camping Club

British Leyland Caravan & Camping Association

Brunel Caravan and Camping Club

Buccaneer Owners' Club                                                           Quick Info

Burstner Owners’ Club

Camping Grasshoppers

Car Cruiser Owners' Club

Cardinal Caravan Club

Carlight Owners' Club                                                                Quick Info       May-Sep UK

Carmel Caravan Club

Carthago Owners’ Club

Castaways Camping Group

Catenian Caravanning Fellowship

Cavalier Caravan and Camping Club                                         Quick Info

Charities Caravan & Camping Club (4 C's)

Cheltenham Owners' Club

Coachman Owners' Club                                                           Quick Info

Compass Club                                                                                                                 Yes

Compass & Herald Motorhome Club

Concraft Camping Club                                                              Quick Info        UK and France      Yes

Cooper-Avon Tire Camping and Caravan Club

Dandy Owners' Club

Derbyshire Retired Caravanner’s Club

Dorset Shed Draggers

Dowty Camping Club

Dunelm Caravan Association                                                                              Apr-Oct N East     Yes

Eccles Caravan Owners' Club                                                   Quick Info                                        No

Elddis Owners Club                                                                    Quick Info         UK & Eur                No

ERF Caravan & Camping Club

Eriba Owners Club of Great Britain

European Caravanning Association

Fairford Caravan Owners' Club

Family Days Caravan Club

Fire Service Caravan & Camping Club

Fleetwood Owners Club                                                             Quick Info         UK                        Yes  

Four Counties Caravan Club

Freedom Caravan Club

Freedom North East 2000 Caravan Club

Freeway Caravan & Camping Club

Friends Caravan Club

Friends of Leukaemia Research Caravan Club

Fuze Caravan & Camping Club

Good Companions Ralliers Association

Goodyear Caravan & Camping Club

Greener Camping Club

Happy Campers Club

Happy Wanderers Caravan Club

Heart of England Caravan and Camping Club

Historic Caravan Club

Home from Home Caravan & Camping Club

Honeycomb Caravan Club

Hotpoint Caravan & Camping Club

Hurn (Dorset) Caravan & Camping Club

Hymer Club International (est 1990)                                           Quick Info                                        No

Independent Caravan, Motorhome & CC of Northern Ireland

International Caravanning Association                                       Quick Info        World                     Yes

International Caravanning Fellowship of Rotarians

International Police Association (Section UK)

Invicta Trailer Club

ISH Group of Caravanners

Jubilee Caravan Club

La Strada Club UK                                                                      Quick Info         UK                           No

Laika Club of Great Britain

Le Petit Paon Caravan Club

Leukaemia Research Caravan Club

Libra Charity Club Caravanning

Llandudno Transport Festival Caravan and Camping Club

Loners Group

Lucas Camping & Caravan Club

Lucas Girling Caravan and Camping Club

Lunar Owners' Club

Lynton Caravan Club

Magnet Caravan Club

Mardon Club

Masonic Caravan Club of England and Wales

Mid Sussex Caravan and Campers Club

Midland Rover Owners' Club

Midway Group

Mill Bank Sun Club

Moose International Caravan & Camping Club

Mostly Off Road of Norfolk Society


Motorhome Fun

MotorhomeFacts Rally Group

Murvi Club

Mustang Caravan Owners' Club                                                Quick Info         UK                          Yes

National Mardon Owners' Caravan Club

New Companions Club                                                              Quick Info          UK                         Yes

New Forest Caravan & Camping Association                           Quick Info

Nice People Caravan & Camping Club                                      Quick Info         UK Apr-Oct         Adults

Northern Friends Caravan and Camping Club                           Quick Info         Cheshire                Yes

Northern Ralliers Camping Club

Northumbria Caravan Association

Notts Masonic Caravanners Association

Olympic Caravan Club                                                                Quick Info

Omaha Caravan & Camping Club

Order of Woodcraft Chivalry

P.L.U.S. Retired Caravanners Club

Pennine Owners' Club

Pennine Wanderers

Phoenix Camping Club                                                               Quick Info        UK                           Yes

Pied Piper Rally Club

Pioneers Caravan Club

Polar Caravan Club

Prestige Caravan and Camping Club

Purbeck Campers Club                                                              Quick Info

Quintet Plus Caravan Club  

R.E.M.E. Association Caravan & Camping Club

R.P.C. Caravan & Camping Club

Ramblers Caravan & Camping Club  

Red Rose Caravan Club

Reliant Owners (National) Club                                                                                  Mids Feb-Dec       

Retro Caravan Club  

Royal Bank of Scotland Group Caravan Club

Royale Owners' Club

RV Owners Club     

Safari Caravan Club

Sapphire Club

Saxon Crosses Caravan & Camping Club

Seeboard Caravan & Camping Club

Shell Caravan Club                                                                     Quick Info       Essex                      Yes

Smiths Industries Camping Club

South West Caravan Club

South West Wales Masonic Caravan Club    

Sovereign Caravan Club

Spread Eagle Caravan Club                                                       Quick Info       UK                           Yes

Square & Compasses Caravan Association

Sterling Caravan Owners' Club (8 Areas)

Stone-Agers C&CC

Suffolk Motorhome and Caravan Club

Sunseekers Caravan Club                                                                        

Suntreckers Caravan & Camping Club                                      Quick Info       UK/Europe

Swift Owners' Club                                                                     Quick Info       UK/Europe

Swift Motorhome Owners’ Club                                                  Quick Info

Three Valleys Caravan Club

Tiddlers and Crouchers Club

Tourers and Tents Owners’ Club  

Touring Club

United Reformed Church Caravan Fellowship                          Quick Info        UK

Vanmaster Association

Vanmaster Owners' Club                                                           Quick Info        UK

Vauxhall Motors Caravan & Camping Club

Volvo Owners' Club Caravan & Camping Section

Waggoners Caravan Club

Waltham Chase Caravan Club                                                  Quick Info         UK                          Yes

Warwickshire Nomads Caravan & Camping Club

Wayfarers Caravan Club

Weekenders Motor Caravan Club

Welsh Globetrotters Motorcaravan Club

Welton Owners' Club

Wessex Winter Caravanners                                                    Quick Info        Wilts                       Yes

West Midlands Travel Caravan & Camping Club                       Quick Info        Midlands

Westwood Caravan & Camping Club

White Lion Caravan & Camping Club

White Rose Masonic Caravan Companions

Wilts Masonic Caravan Association

Yorkshire Friends Ralliers                                                           Quick Info        UK                          Yes

Zodiacs                                                                                        Quick Info        UK/Europe

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